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MILA is Cubic's owned line of mannequins. The 11 unique body forms are of the highest quality for mannequins you can find and at very reasonable prices.

We have the benefit of being a direct to source manufacturer of these mannequins and with minimum quantities we allow customizations of any color or finish, the tailor versions allow any fabric of your choice to be used, and even creating plus sizes upon request.


That's right, we'll even change the molds to suit your sizing if you commit to ordering around 45 total units. Choose 4 poses to create and the rest of the choices are yours!


Female Mannequins 

Accompanying Mens+Kids


We make them ourselves at our state-of-the-art facility.


Available for immediate order if standard. 

If custom colors, fabrics, or sizes, allow 90 Days + Shipping Method. 

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