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Interlocking Pole System - Modular

This modular display system is a fantastic bit of engineering for the ultimate flexible design system to build furniture, shelving, table bases, pedestals, mannequin cages, and more. The attachment methods can be fixed onto walls, ceilings, and floors or have these items be freestanding and mobile within your space. 

The interlocking corners are incredibly strong and sleek - They can support a huge amount of weight and be reconfigured for future displays using the same components in new ways. 

Cube+ is a fresh and flexible alternative to traditional display structures; with endless combinations for the architect and designer to realise their customised sales and merchandising concepts. A simplistic 45 degree rotation of the durable connector locks or unlocks the display structure.


Cube+ Interlocking shelving and table system. 

Flat Packs & Modular


Floor Systems

Window Displays

Freestanding Shelving

Mannequin Cages

Table Systems

Pedestal Bases


Depending on the order, up to 90 days lead time + shipping method.

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