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Mono-Points Floating "Off the Wall"

H-POST DETAIL_edited.jpg

This is a new system that combines our "FlexD" Mono-Point hardware with a robust custom beam allowing merchandise displays separate from the wall surface itself. 

Clients enjoy the LED lighting behind, highlighting the architectural surfaces chosen for the walls while halo-lighting the products in front. 

All accessories for our "FlexD monopoint line are available along with more just for this system. ​(Link to catalog)

Custom finishes are available for the steel as well as the wood beam that is inserted for textural highlight for your branded space.

Browse Standard Accessories Through Our Mono-point Catalog Below


Vertical Posts with MonoPoint Hardware


  • In Front of Walls

  • Mid-Floor to Create- Additional Spaces


Available for Immediate order.

6 Week Lead for Custom Finishing of Metal and Wood.


H-Post Merchandising

H-Post Merchandising

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